Nicholas Gazin (skeleteen) wrote,
Nicholas Gazin

My Second T-shirt for the Black Dahlia Murder, "Monsters."

2009/10/27 Black Dahlia Murder "Monsters"

Here's my second T-shirt for heavy metallers, the Black Dahlia Murder. It's a baseball T-shirt with my drawing printed on it with that sublimation process which is more like chemical dye than silksecreen. It makes for a smooth garment. The logo is applied with green rubbery translucent ink that sits on top and looks like boogers.

Check out the nice things that people are saying about it on BDM's Myspace page. The kids have started some big argument about it. Internet arguments are really funny. You edit and re-edit your comments and the next thing you know you just spent your week arguing with an 18 year old from England calling himself Moshpitguy13! Walk With Me In Hell

Bobby Garcia had this to say:
"I'm tired of all u fuckin kids crying over if this shirt is scene or not or just clothes in general!.. metal Is Metal !! NOT A FASION u don't have to dress a certain way over the music u like! If u like the fuckin shirt well fuck buy it! That bein said!! bDM fuckin ownz!"

Spoken like a retard, Bobby, but I agree all the way.

You can buy the shirt here.

Here are some detailed views of the parts of the drawing that I liked the most.

2009/10/26 BDM Monsters Detail No. 01

2009/10/26 BDM Monsters Detail No. 02

2009/10/26 BDM Monsters Detail No. 03

Here's the full drawing in black and white and color. The black isn't quite as dark as it should be.
2009/08/13 Black Dahlia Murder "Monsters" (B & W)

2009/08/25 Black Dahlia Murder "Monsters" (color)
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