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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5:00PM - Tumblr.

I haven't updated my Livejournal in a while. I've been using Tumblr instead. Teke a look at mine over here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2:32PM - I Drew These Toy Designs That Kid Robot Rejected.

2010/06/10 Rejected Dunny Toy Design No. 01

These are three rejected toy designs I made last year for Kid Robot. The top one is supposed to be me. When will I get my own action figure? WHEN?!

2010/06/10 Rejected Dunny Toy Design No. 02

2010/06/10 Rejected Dunny Toy Design No. 03

Monday, June 20, 2011

8:38PM - I Drew This Fucking Bullshit Logo.

2011/06/15 Fucking Bullshit Logo

I drew this logo for my friend Nate/Igor's band, Fucking Bullshit. Nate is better known for his photo blog, Driven By Boredom.

8:17PM - I Drew These Sketchcards.

2011/04/18 Lamour Supreme Portrait Sketch Card

2011/04/18 Hamburger Head Sketch Card

I did some sketch cards that Lamour Supreme gave me to draw on.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5:13PM - I Drew Poster/T-shirt art for Metropolis Fest 2.

2011/05/14 Metropolis Fest 2 Poster

I drew poster art for Metropolis Fest 2, a festival hosted by Metropolis Vintage. Metropolis Vintage is a Manhattan based used clothing store who hire me to do a lot of things and are nice guys.

2011/06/06 Metropolise Fest 2 Shirt (Grey)

The poster was also printed onto T-shirts. Here it is on grey.

2011/06/06 Metropolise Fest 2 Shirt (Yellow)

Here it is on yellow.

2011/06/06 Metropolise Fest 2 Shirt (baseball shirt)

Here it is on a baseball shirt.

2011/05/21 Metropolis Fest Shirt With Mick Collins

Here's Mick Collins from the Gories and the Dirtbombs holding it.

2011/05/21 Metropolis Fest Shirt

Here are the store's owners selling the shirts. You can still get these at the Metroplis Vintage store. It's located at 3rd Avenue and E. 10th Street in Manhattan.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7:55PM - I drew this flyer for an upcoming DJ gig.

2011/06/07 Veronicas Flyer Art

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5:56PM - NT Said Nice Things About Me.

2011/05/02 Villagevoice.com NT Interview

I did are for the band, NT and they were nice enough to mention me in an interview with the Village Voice.

The album art for the 7" is a little wild...
Our friend Nick Gazin did the artwork. He's a local artist who does surreal comic book style drawings and paintings of crazy people and monsters. A while back we played a show for him and asked him to pay us in drawings instead of money. He made some sketches of me performing but as some freaky blob monster, and one where my hair is consuming my head. It seemed like he understood our general aesthetic so when it was time to put the record together I asked him. He made a bunch of panels and we picked the creepiest ones.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4:38PM - I'm in an art show that opens this Friday in Brooklyn.

This is an art show that I'm in that opens at Live With Animals on April 22nd. My band, Fuck School, goes on at 8pm.

Nicholas Gazin, Eli Lehrhoff, Ryan Hill, John Henry Kelly, and Thomas Delaney

Opening Reception April 22nd 7-10
Live performance by Fuck School and Hair Jail





Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5:25PM - A drawing I did for Black Dahlia Murder has been redesigned and is on sale at Hot Topic.

2011/02/26 Black Dahlia Murder Shirt I Drew at Hot Topic No.01

2011/02/26 Black Dahlia Murder Shirt I Drew at Hot Topic No.01

My friend and client Karim texted me these photos the other day from a Hot Topic. There between the shirts for Avenged Sevenfold, Children of Bodom and Disturbed T-shirts is a shirt with art I drew for the Black Dahlia Murder. Black Dahlia Murder are a good band of nice guys and you can read about the time my brother and I hung out with them in Boston or the time I saw them at the Crazy Donkey

The original drawing is a two foot by three foot black ink piece that took forever to do. It looked like this.

2009/08/13 Black Dahlia Murder "Monsters" (B & W)

The original T-shirt that was made using this art looked like this.

2009/10/27 Black Dahlia Murder "Monsters"

They ended up having to erase the 666 on one of the character's forehead since Hot Topic isn't cool with Satanism. You can buy it here for $20.50 if you want it. I'm not benefitting in any financial way from the shirt being presented for purchase on a bigger scale so it doesn't affect me too much either way.

Monday, February 28, 2011

12:26PM - I got mentioned on Boooooooom.

2011/02/27 Booooooom Blog Mention

A website called Boooooooom gave me a little blog mention and posted some of my images.

Monday, February 21, 2011

11:25PM - The second poster I made for Scion Garage Presents was made into an animated trailer.

You can check out the official site over here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5:12PM - My Second Poster for Scion Garage Presents.

2011/01/26 Scion Garage Presents: Cola Freaks and Digital Leather

Here's my second poster for Scion Garage Presents. This time it's for a show for Cola Freaks and Digital Leather.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10:13PM - Loveless by Nick Gazin and Lala Albert

2011/02/15 Lala Jam Comic: Loveless No. 01

2011/02/15 Lala Jam Comic: Loveless No. 01

Here's a comic I drew with my pal Lala Albert.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

5:42PM - Subject to Change Postcard

2011/01/28 Subject To Change Postcard

I have some pieces that will appear in this show that opens February 11th in Soho. Here's the Facebook Event page.


2011/01/27 She Don't Care About You

My second solo art show, NO ESCAPE, opened at Brooklyn's Mishka store on January 28th, 2011. There are fifty pieces on display and for sale. The show should be up for about a month.

2011/01/19 Mishka No Escape Shirt

Here's a T-shirt I drew especially for the show. It's available for twenty-eight dollars from Mishka's online store.

2011/01/28 No Escape Opening: Miska Exterior

Here's a blog article I wrote about the opening for Mishka's blog.

2011/01/28 Driven By Boredom

Igor who does Driven By Boredom took photos and wrote a nice blog article about the event that you can see here. The photos are also on the Village Voice site.

2011/01/28 Angry Jim's 3-D Photo

My friend, Angry Jim Campbell, a great cartoonist and enthusiast of 3-D photography took three-dimensional photos. Take a look here.

2011/02/06 Nicholas Gazin Store

You can buy original art I made here at the Mishka site

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3:36PM - The first poster I did for Scion was made into an animated trailer.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5:52AM - I drew this flyer for Scion's Hex Dispensers/King Tuff shows.

2011/01/19 Scion AV Garage: Hex Dispensers & King Tuff

Scion, the car company, has hired me to do a series of illustrations for their monthly free garage shows. The art gets used as a flyer, made into an animated video and then used as the cover for a 7" record. I removed the text from the flyer for the first one. Check out the site here.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

10:08PM - Darth W.K. Comes Alive.

2011/01/15 Andrew W.K. With My Drawing

Andrew W.K. was at the Suckadelic art opening at Boo Hooray that I did this wall painting for and sent me this photo of him with this drawing I did of a Darth Vadery version of him.

2011/01/15 Darth W.K. Twitter Page

Then someone, possibly Andrew W.K., made a Twitter account for the thing I drew.  Follow Darth WK if you feel like it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1:21AM - This is the second time someone bootlegged one of my T-shirt designs.

2011/01/12 Bootleg Reatard Shirt I Saw On Ebay

Someone did a crummy bootleg of my Jay Reatard shirt. I think they just printed the low resolution image on my Flickr page on iron-on paper.

2009/10/02 Jay Reatard Shirt

This is what the legitimate shirt looks like. If you want one of the new Jay Reatard shirts I'm doing you can still sign up for the Shattered Records Fanclub for $75. You get a shirt I'm doing with a watercolor portrait of Jay, a 12" record of a live show he did, a 7" record that contains two songs he recorded the day before he died and an MP3 album.  The vinyl records also feature my design, hand lettering and a few of my photos of Jay.  

12:10AM - I painted Star Wars characters on the wall for Sucklord retrospective show a show in Chelsea


The Sucklord, a guy who makes custom bootleg arty Star Wars toys, has a retrospective show up at the Boo-Hooray Gallery in Chelsea that's up now. My friend Lamour Supreme invited me to paint Star Wars murals on the walls of the gallery and it was a lot of fun. Here are some photos of what I did on the Sunday before the show opened.

2011;/01/09 Unfinished Piece For "You're An Asshole For Buying This."

This is the unfinished piece. Apparently all the graffiti heads were getting confused about what the fuck I was doing because I was doing such drippy and uneven. I like drippy spraypaint is all.

2011/01/09 Firemen Showed Up Because of the Fumes.

Then the neighbors on the sixth floor complained that the fumes were making their kids sick and called the fire department who sent two trucks and then made us stop spray painting.

2011/01/09 No Escape






2011/01/09 Ex Husband Want Visitation


2011/01/09 Darth W.K. Young Sith Lord


2011/01/12 Lamour Gets Fucked By His Painting

My friend Lamour Supreme painted this intense two-headed Stormtrooper/Vader monster with a drill shaped dong. Then he posed with it like it was effing him.

2011/01/12 Gay Stormtroopers

I got to the opening late but Andew W.K. showed up and had his photo taken with my painting of Darth-him. Pink Storm Troopers wandered around and guarded the place.

2011/01/12 Fuck This Stupid Art Gallery

I thought this was pretty cool object and without me even mentioning it the gallery owner gave me an artist's proof of this action figure/catalogue combination.

2011/01/12 My Piece At The Opening

Here's a photo of how my piece looked at the opening.

2011/01/12 Sucklord's Art

Here's what Sucklord's art looks like.

2011/01/12 Weird Looking People Were There

Here's what the crowd looked like.

2010/01/12 Ryan And His Girlfriend Stole That Helmet

This guy and his girfriend found this helmet in the ice bin and took it home.

2011/01/12 Vectar And Minions

Vectar and his minions flip people off. Flipping off the camera is very punk and also hip-hop.

2011/01/12 Sucklord Afterparty

Finally the evening ended in Chinatown and DKE Toys bought us dinner. Thanks guys!  The show will be up until January 23rd at 521 W. 23rd Street.

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