Nicholas Gazin (skeleteen) wrote,
Nicholas Gazin

I Drew Poster/T-shirt art for Metropolis Fest 2.

2011/05/14 Metropolis Fest 2 Poster

I drew poster art for Metropolis Fest 2, a festival hosted by Metropolis Vintage. Metropolis Vintage is a Manhattan based used clothing store who hire me to do a lot of things and are nice guys.

2011/06/06 Metropolise Fest 2 Shirt (Grey)

The poster was also printed onto T-shirts. Here it is on grey.

2011/06/06 Metropolise Fest 2 Shirt (Yellow)

Here it is on yellow.

2011/06/06 Metropolise Fest 2 Shirt (baseball shirt)

Here it is on a baseball shirt.

2011/05/21 Metropolis Fest Shirt With Mick Collins

Here's Mick Collins from the Gories and the Dirtbombs holding it.

2011/05/21 Metropolis Fest Shirt

Here are the store's owners selling the shirts. You can still get these at the Metroplis Vintage store. It's located at 3rd Avenue and E. 10th Street in Manhattan.
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