Nicholas Gazin (skeleteen) wrote,
Nicholas Gazin

NT Said Nice Things About Me.

2011/05/02 NT Interview

I did are for the band, NT and they were nice enough to mention me in an interview with the Village Voice.

The album art for the 7" is a little wild...
Our friend Nick Gazin did the artwork. He's a local artist who does surreal comic book style drawings and paintings of crazy people and monsters. A while back we played a show for him and asked him to pay us in drawings instead of money. He made some sketches of me performing but as some freaky blob monster, and one where my hair is consuming my head. It seemed like he understood our general aesthetic so when it was time to put the record together I asked him. He made a bunch of panels and we picked the creepiest ones.
Tags: 7", art, interview, never tune, nick gazin, nt, seven inch, village voice
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