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Nicholas Gazin

A drawing I did for Black Dahlia Murder has been redesigned and is on sale at Hot Topic.

2011/02/26 Black Dahlia Murder Shirt I Drew at Hot Topic No.01

2011/02/26 Black Dahlia Murder Shirt I Drew at Hot Topic No.01

My friend and client Karim texted me these photos the other day from a Hot Topic. There between the shirts for Avenged Sevenfold, Children of Bodom and Disturbed T-shirts is a shirt with art I drew for the Black Dahlia Murder. Black Dahlia Murder are a good band of nice guys and you can read about the time my brother and I hung out with them in Boston or the time I saw them at the Crazy Donkey

The original drawing is a two foot by three foot black ink piece that took forever to do. It looked like this.

2009/08/13 Black Dahlia Murder "Monsters" (B & W)

The original T-shirt that was made using this art looked like this.

2009/10/27 Black Dahlia Murder "Monsters"

They ended up having to erase the 666 on one of the character's forehead since Hot Topic isn't cool with Satanism. You can buy it here for $20.50 if you want it. I'm not benefitting in any financial way from the shirt being presented for purchase on a bigger scale so it doesn't affect me too much either way.
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