Nicholas Gazin (skeleteen) wrote,
Nicholas Gazin


2011/01/27 She Don't Care About You

My second solo art show, NO ESCAPE, opened at Brooklyn's Mishka store on January 28th, 2011. There are fifty pieces on display and for sale. The show should be up for about a month.

2011/01/19 Mishka No Escape Shirt

Here's a T-shirt I drew especially for the show. It's available for twenty-eight dollars from Mishka's online store.

2011/01/28 No Escape Opening: Miska Exterior

Here's a blog article I wrote about the opening for Mishka's blog.

2011/01/28 Driven By Boredom

Igor who does Driven By Boredom took photos and wrote a nice blog article about the event that you can see here. The photos are also on the Village Voice site.

2011/01/28 Angry Jim's 3-D Photo

My friend, Angry Jim Campbell, a great cartoonist and enthusiast of 3-D photography took three-dimensional photos. Take a look here.

2011/02/06 Nicholas Gazin Store

You can buy original art I made here at the Mishka site
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