Nicholas Gazin (skeleteen) wrote,
Nicholas Gazin

This is the second time someone bootlegged one of my T-shirt designs.

2011/01/12 Bootleg Reatard Shirt I Saw On Ebay

Someone did a crummy bootleg of my Jay Reatard shirt. I think they just printed the low resolution image on my Flickr page on iron-on paper.

2009/10/02 Jay Reatard Shirt

This is what the legitimate shirt looks like. If you want one of the new Jay Reatard shirts I'm doing you can still sign up for the Shattered Records Fanclub for $75. You get a shirt I'm doing with a watercolor portrait of Jay, a 12" record of a live show he did, a 7" record that contains two songs he recorded the day before he died and an MP3 album.  The vinyl records also feature my design, hand lettering and a few of my photos of Jay.  
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